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Who Are We?

The Edmonton House Brigade is a historical re-enactment group based out of Edmonton, Alberta. 

We focus on sharing and demonstrating the stories, lifestyles, and methods of doing things during the Western Canadian Fur Trade. Our time period focuses around the year 1905, specifically for "Free Canadiens" or "Free Traders", who were not under contract with a specific company such as the Hudson's Bay Company or the North West Company. Our members come from all walks of life, racial identities, and ages- you just have to love the fur trade!


What do we do?

For the most part, the EHB is active during the summer months. We do regular demos at historic sites such as Rocky Mountain House, Fort Edmonton Park, and Lac La Biche. We usually spend a few days camping, in wedge tents (of course!), making food over the fire, and all dolled up in our 1805 attire. At these demos, members often bring historic activities to show guests. We have members that; bead, play the flute, woodwork, shoot black powder muskets, weave, or even blacksmith!

Members also take part in an annual dinner, where we feast on historically inspired goodies, dance to fiddle music, and tell stories. 


I'm interested!

The Edmonton House Brigade is always happy to receive new members. We are family friendly and we all share an interest in the preservation and presentation of fur trade history. We are happy to support new membership with advice and guidance.

We encourage all potential members to view our schedule of events then come out and spend a day at one of our demonstration camps.

In general, the basic requirements are:

  • a vehicle and the ability to travel to our events

  • an investment in period clothing and primitive camping equipment, including a canvas wedge tent

  • a commitment of time to attend events, usually weekends during summer months

  • an interest in the history of the fur trade in Western Canada

If you are interested in joining the EHB and would like to know more, send us a message via the "contact us" page!

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