Welcome to the Brigade!

The Edmonton House Brigade members are interested in the history of the fur trade in Canada.

On this site, you'll find information about Brigade events, learn a bit about the history of the fur trade, and how you can get involved.

The Edmonton House Brigade has several goals:

      To promote an awareness among Members and the Public that the foundation of Canada was the  Fur Trade.

   To encourage the development of Period Skills and Crafts.

      To provide for the recreation of the Members and to promote and afford opportunity for Friendly and Social Activities.

         • To engage in and organise Fur Trade era Rendezvous,    Encampments, Public Demonstrations and Social Activities.

    To demonstrate and encourage the safe handling and the responsible and proficient use of Black Powder Firearms.


Upcoming Events

August 13,14

Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

Bastion and Bones

August 27

Fort George-Buckingham House

Bushcraft 1793

August 27 to Sept 5

Heffley Creek Rendezvous 2016

September 3,4,5

Fort Edmonton Park

Harvest Fair Weekend

September 10,11

Sherwood Park Fish and Game Club

Fall Fun Shoot